Improving your home sales

Make sure your homes offer the "must-haves"

Illustration of a couple staying in front of their home and a for sale sign

Make sure your homes offer the "must-haves"

Make sure your homes offer the "must-haves"

Illustration of a couple staying in front of their home and a for sale sign

Make sure your homes offer the "must-haves"

Buyers of new homes often assume that all new construction is energy efficient. But not all new homes are created equal. By building ENERGY STAR® certified homes, you can provide buyers with reassurance that their home will meet their expectations for air quality, comfort and lower energy bills year after year.

Homebuyers expect energy efficiency

The 2018 Canadian Homebuyer Preference Study looks into the priorities of new homebuyers. The findings of the study helps homebuilders ensure that they’re incorporating the features that customers are looking for.

Energy efficiency has been consistently ranked among homebuyers’ top 10 “must haves”—both individual efficiency features and overall effectiveness. Buyers who choose ENERGY STAR certified homes see their investment pay back.

Look inside of a home and all the high performance features

Five of buyers’ top 10 “must-haves” focus on energy efficiency

  • 1. Energy-efficient appliances
  • 2. High-efficiency windows
  • 3. Walk-in closets
  • 4. Overall energy-efficient home
  • 5. Kitchen island
  • 6. Open concept kitchen
  • 7. Two-car garage
  • 8. Linen closets
  • 9. HRV/ERV air exchange system
  • 10. Certification/rating by ENERGY STAR

Can certification reduce call backs?

ENERGY STAR certified homes are planned from the ground up to meet exacting standards. It’s not just the materials and technologies that make the home so effective, it’s the process.

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Assistance from certified energy advisors

Evaluation and testing throughout the building process ensures the work is completed correctly.

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Built right the
first time

Well-trained trades ensure materials are installed correctly, reducing unexpected fixes.

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Buyers have proof that their new home meets exacting standards.

High efficiency homes provide savings and comfort video
The comforts of a high efficiency home video

Over 70,000 Ontario homeowners have bought ENERGY STAR certified homes

Buyers of new homes are overwhelmed with choices, from builders and neighbourhoods to features and finishes. ENERGY STAR certified homes offer buyers a choice they can be comfortable with, because it’s a brand they know and trust.

  • Eighty-eight percent of consumers recognize the ENERGY STAR label.
  • Seventy-five per cent of those who purchased an ENERGY STAR product or home would recommend doing so to others.
  • Seventy per cent reported that the label was very or somewhat significant in their purchase.

Homebuyer testimonials

Mortgage insurance savings on ENERGY STAR homes

Homebuyers can receive a refund of 15 per cent on their Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) mortgage loan insurance premium when they buy an ENERGY STAR certified home. It’s just one more way energy efficiency can save your customers money.

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