Future proofing your business

A stronger business starts with better planning

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A stronger business starts with better planning

A stronger business starts with better planning

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A stronger business starts with better planning

Planning is key for high-performance home construction. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Using common building practices, homes are constructed to a standard in a timely, simple and cost-effective manner. As a builder, you have flexibility in the options you choose to meet this higher standard.

"It's about building a better business"

- Michael Lio, Housing Consultant

In this video, building science expert Michael Lio explains how code is evolving, and how getting ahead of it can impact your profitability.

Energy efficiency requirements continue to evolve

In 2018, a new house consumed 50 per cent less energy than its 2005 equivalent. Energy efficiency has been part of OBC since 1990. As time progresses, code changes are sure to come.

  • OBC SB12 2012: every house was assumed to meet EnerGuide 80.
  • January 1, 2017 the OBC SB12 increased the required energy efficiency of homes by 15 per cent.
  • The ENERGY STAR® mandate is to be 15 – 20 per cent better than code.
  • The ERS scale changed in January 2017 to a zero-GJ based scale.

In addition, the National Building Code of Canada is developing a code strategy that would bring all homes and buildings to Net Zero Ready efficiency by 2030.

Get ahead of OBC and save

By committing to constructing high-efficiency homes, builders can get three to five years ahead of code. Develop your capabilities ahead of demand, get an edge on the competition and improve your cost effectiveness.

What is the benefit of being proactive?

By building high-performance homes, you can stay ahead of the code curve, and avoid the rush to meet new code requirements.

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Lead instead of reacting

The plans and skillsets you develop now will mean a seamless transition to new code benchmarks.

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Ensure properly trained trades

Becoming educated and experienced on installation practices ensures consistent high-quality home construction.

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Find the right

Get started now and find reliable suppliers that offer the right technologies at the right price.

Building ENERGY STAR certified homes puts you ahead of code

ENERGY STAR certified homes are constructed to be an average of 20 per cent more energy efficient than current OBC. Building an energy efficient home gives you the benefit of high-performance home construction, supported by a label that consumers know and trust.


The ENERGY STAR® name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.