Energy Star® for New Homes

High performance construction programs like the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) initiative are designed to help you future-proof your business. Get ahead of changing Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements, keep pace with best building practices, take advantage of a growing market and make your mark among the leading builders of high performance homes today.

Why build it better than OBC?

Why programs like ENERGY STAR are good for your business

You can get ahead of the demands – from both Ontario Building Code changes and customers – for increased energy efficiency or you can pay the cost of playing catch-up. Being proactive is good business.

What goes into ENERGY STAR construction?

What goes into ENERGY STAR construction?

See how new technologies for the building envelope as well as heating, cooling and ventilation systems are being integrated into the design and construction of ENERGY STAR qualified homes to deliver cost and energy savings.

What your customers want

It's what your customers want

Energy efficiency now ranks among the top features home buyers are looking for. ENERGY STAR certification sets you apart as a best-in-class builder, helping you attract a dedicated customer base.



Get the knowledge, tools and support to help you produce the most energy efficient homes on the market.