Commercial Construction Heat Record of Training Course

Natural Gas Commercial Construction Heat

In order to install, light, move, re-light, or disconnect a heater of either propane or natural gas, you must have one of these qualifications:

  • be a licensed gas technician, OR
  • be a holder of a valid CH-O2 Record of Training (RoT)

A RoT is available to employees of construction companies by taking a one day training course in the proper and safe handling of the fuel in question.  There are three common types of certificates:

  1. Natural gas only
  2. Propane only
  3. Combined propane and natural gas

The holder of a natural gas certificate is NOT qualified on propane equipment.  Likewise, the holder of a propane certificate is NOT qualified for natural gas equipment.

Some subjects covered in the training course include:

  • Heater Types & Job Applications
  • Safe Handling of Fuel Types
  • Hazards & Properties
  • Best Practices
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Legislated Responsibilities
  • Equipment Design and Safety Features, and much more!

The CH-O2 training course is valid for temporary equipment up to 400,000 BTUs/hr. If equipment is larger than 400,000 BTUs, then it must be installed and handled by a licensed gas technician.  The RoT holder cannot install or move any equipment greater than 400,000 BTUs.

Note: A RoT holder cannot be expected to be familiar with every piece of equipment available. It is the responsibility of both the RoT holder AND the equipment rental company to ensure that the RoT holder is instructed on the proper and safe operation of any natural gas equipment in use on site.

Once the natural gas RoT has been taken, the RoT is valid for three years from that date.  After expiry, the course should be re-taken in order to have the RoT certificate renewed.

RoT training sessions are available from private safety training organizations and local rental companies. Check with your local rental company for more information on RoT training sessions.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The RoT training does NOT qualify a person to install or light permanent heating equipment no matter what size or location.  All installation of permanent HVAC equipment must be done by a licensed gas technician only.