Natural Gas Commerical Construction Heat

Here’s how you can get started enjoying the many benefits of natural gas construction heat.

Plan ahead to order the gas service

The key is to start thinking about natural gas in the early stages of your project. Be sure to include a line item in your project log to order your natural gas hook up before you start construction. You need to plan in advance to have it up and running when you need it.

It is important to allow enough time for Union Gas to install your gas line, to maximize the time you can use money-saving natural gas during your construction process. Generally, we need a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for a standard commercial service. If you have a large building, or require pressure gas, or have any other special requirements, the process could take longer. Putting a line into your project log that specifies when to order the gas service ensures that natural gas will be available for use when you need it.

Get Connected -  Apply for natural service lines or meter sets
Now there's a great way to Get Connected to natural gas services, or make changes to your existing account. Our Get Connected online tool streamlines and simplifies the process, so you can place your order with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How we determine if there is a cost to you
We use the size information to determine if your service will be installed no charge. We compare the cost of the service against the expected revenue from your equipment for a period of 20 years, and as long as the expected revenue is equal to or greater than the cost, we will put the service in at no charge. We are one of the few remaining companies that will install something based on a 20 year payback!

The vast majority of all services are installed at no charge to the contractor or building owner. In the rare case that your service requires additional revenue, you will be contacted by Union Gas before proceeding any further.

Once approved, what happens to your order?
After the project is approved, we'll initiate all permits including road crossings, stream crossings and city permits. These permits can take anywhere from one to four weeks to arrive in our office, depending on where they are coming from, and the time of year.

We then transmit your request to our contractor who will apply for locates from other utilities such as phone and hydro. Again, in the busiest times of the year, these can take up to two weeks to obtain.

Arranging your temporary equipment
Once your request for natural gas is processed, we’ll come and install your service. With weather and demand, this takes about 6 weeks or more so you need to plan in advance in order to enjoy the benefits of natural gas construction heat.

Who can install your equipment?
When your service is in, you can have your equipment installed. Natural gas construction heaters are available from your local rental company. Check your local yellow pages for a list of rental companies in your area. Your employees can take the ROT or "Record of Training" course to install equipment up to 400,000 BTU's. A licensed gas fitter can install larger equipment. It’s important to review the ROT requirements regularly to stay within safety and compliance guidelines. 

How to order your gas meter
Once your service line is in and you have arranged for your equipment, call the Union Gas Natural Gas Services Call Center at 1-866-772-1045 to have your gas meter installed. We will take your order and arrange a convenient time to meet you on site and have your natural gas heater connected.

You’re now up and running with reliable, efficient and safe natural gas Construction Heat.

All it took was a bit of pre-planning to save time and money!

With natural gas construction heat, you'll save up to 50% in fuel costs over propane! To find out how much you’ll save on your individual project, use the natural gas savings calculator.

Natural gas is a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to heat your site. All it takes is a bit of pre planning. Call us or visit the construction heat section of our website. We can help you use natural gas to maximize your efficiency, save money and build a successful business.