The Benefits of Natural Gas Construction Heat

Natural gas is your best choice for construction heat and by using it you can expect to:

Natural gas is the most cost-effective, convenient, safe and reliable solution for your construction heat needs – It is the number one fuel choice for regular commercial heating, so doesn’t it make sense to use it during construction as well?

Save on Fuel Costs

Natural gas fuel is up to 50% cheaper than other fuels. To see how much you can save on your next project use our natural gas savings calculator.

Don’t waste money on wasted fuel – When you use natural gas, all fuel paid for is used, whereas with propane there is almost always 5% or more of the fuel left in the tank, as it simply cannot be forced out.

It’s very difficult to know how much propane is left in a tank; therefore, fuel is often wasted when:

  1. Tanks are running low late in the day, as they will often be replaced to avoid returning after hours. In these cases, up to 20% of the fuel is often left wasted in the tank.
  1. Employees have to estimate how much propane is left and return after hours to change the tank – If they return too late, the equipment is shut down, the building is cold and extra fuel is required to re-heat the area – Or on the flip side, if they return too early, the tank is changed prior to it running out, resulting in wasted fuel as noted above.

In all of the above cases, propane fuel is being wasted, and the cost goes right to the bottom line.

Save on Labour Costs and Increase Productivity

No man hours are required to change fuel tanks, or to track and re-order fuel supply - especially during expensive overtime hours, at night or during weekends and holidays. Natural gas can increase site productivity, as its constant fuel source means your site is never shut down for lack of heat and your workers are always comfortable.

Increase Fuel Reliability, Efficiency and Convenience

Natural gas is a constant, reliable fuel source, powering your site all day, every day. Natural gas allows a site to operate at maximum efficiency and to avoid the inconvenience of propane heating, including: untimely propane tank changes, inopportune delivery times, time-consuming re-orders, and storage compounds that can’t be in the way of traffic but still have to be central enough for frequent swop-outs.

Improve Site Safety

Workers do not have to change heavy propane bottles in slippery site conditions or in the dark when accidents are more likely to occur. Also, back injuries are a common complaint in construction, with natural gas workers don’t have to move or lift cumbersome tanks that could cause injury.

Also, the key difference between the properties of natural gas and propane can make natural gas a much safer choice. Natural gas is lighter than air; therefore, if a leak occurs it will immediately disperse and float upwards looking for a way to escape. Propane will not disperse as easily as natural gas because it is heavier than air; therefore, if a leak occurs it can pool on the ground/floor and create a potential fire hazard until something disturbs it.

Improve Your Billing Process

Paying your natural gas bill is simple - no more lost delivery slips or invoices, as all charges are included on your monthly Union Gas bill.

Be Green

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.