Water Heating

Tim Hortons gets a double boost with Voyager

The Tim Hortons at 49 Lakeshore Road West in Oakville, Ontario serves up to 1700 customers a day. On the morning shift, the staff can run up to six dishwasher loads per hour. This puts a high value on having hot water fast.

The management at Tim Hortons wanted to boost the temperature of the hot water going to the dishwasher to save on electricity costs from using an internal booster. At the same time, they needed a technology that could guarantee the volume of hot water required.

The Voyager high-efficiency gas-fired water heater met these needs, prompting the Tim Hortons chain to install over 200 Voyager water heaters in its franchises and use the Voyager for all of their new outlets.

Vince Massarella, Project Manager at Tim Hortons, made a comparison with standard efficiency equipment and a competing high-efficiency product. He found that the Voyager delivered higher efficiency with a superior performance record and faster heat recovery than a standard efficiency water heater. "The bottom line is the recovery time with other equipment would require a larger tank," says Massarella.