Water Heating

Advantages of natural gas water heaters

When compared to electric water heaters, natural gas units have a lot going for them.

They require less maintenance and condensing units are extremely efficient, a fact that will show up on the bottom line almost immediately after switching to natural gas. At the same time, the performance of your water heater will improve – gas provides more hot water faster.

Saving you money

Besides offering superior performance, commercial natural gas water heaters are less expensive to operate. Save as much as 50% on your fuel bill when compared to electric. Avoid high electrical demand charges and help reduce the province’s demand for electricity. Change can be profitable.

Go to our Water Heating Programs under the Save Money & Energy section to see our Condensing Gas Water Heater incentive program.

Reliable and flexible

Natural gas water heaters are the best choice for commercial buildings because they cost less to operate and they deliver more hot water where it’s needed in less time than electric heaters.

Industry has long understood that natural gas is the fuel of choice when it comes to heating water. Restaurant, laundry, health club, healthcare, hotel and apartment operators are prime examples.

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