Ozone Laundry

The ozone laundry system is an add-on piece of equipment that is used in conjunction with a new or existing commercial washing machine that utilizes ozone to clean laundry.

Ozone Laundry


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How It Works

Using ozone to clean laundry involves using water saturated with ozone instead of standard tap water. Laundry disinfecting has been traditionally done by bleaching with chlorine at high temperatures along with agitation. Unfortunately, bleach is a naturally slow reactant in cold temperate, so hot water was needed to be effective.

Ozone carries an electrical charge that disinfects in place of hot water. Ozone is highly effective in cold water and reacts very rapidly, breaking up soil on contact. By adding ozone, you will use significantly less detergent as well. Because the detergent has been reduced, rinse cycles to remove detergent residues will be shortened.


Just like any device, performing regular maintenance will keep ozone laundry systems operating at peak efficiency and will prevent most issues. Be sure to check with your service provider for ideal maintenance schedules, however, general annual maintenance will include:

  • Checking valve replacement
  • Fuse replacement
  • Reaction chamber inspection/cleaning
  • Reaction chamber o-ring replacement


  • Natural gas & water savings
  • Longer linen life and less lint
  • Shorter wash cycles, less dryer energy & less labour
  • Healthier working environment
  • Less detergent and water usage helps the environment

Building Applications

Ozone laundry systems are ideal for commercial and institutional organizations such as hotel/motels, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, nursing homes and commercial laundry facilities that use thousands of pounds of laundry per year.

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