Outdoor Heating

We have the heater ideally suited to your application

The most noticeable types of natural gas outdoor heaters are mushroom shaped patio heaters that can be free-standing, mounted to an in-ground post or ceiling mounted.

Less obvious heaters are box-type units that can be hung on walls and tube heaters that often aren’t even noticed. Outdoor infrared heaters transfer heat by radiation to directly heat people and objects.

Most infrared heaters use a high temperature stainless steel mantle and a piezo spark igniter with a variable turn down gas valve. Some models also have remote controls.

Tube-style infrared heaters burn gas inside a long tube, creating radiant heat from the tube surface. A polished reflector directs the radiant heat down to the floor.

System specifications

Natural gas post-mounted, wall and ceiling units varies between 16,000 Btu/hr to 50,000 Btu/hr. Tube heaters range from 20,000 Btu/hr. Efficiency is around 80% to 92% and is based on the tube length and mounting heights above the floor.

More heat is required as the tube length increases. A 20 foot tube requires 50,000 Btu/hr, while a 40-foot tube requires 100,000 Btu/hr.

Heaters are also categorized by high and low intensity. Tube heaters and mushroom types with stainless steel and metallic screens are usually lower intensity, while wall mounted with ceramic refractory are high intensity.

Assess your outdoor heating needs

Union Gas has developed a Patio Heater Screening Tool that helps customers estimate their patio heating needs and determine how many and what kind of heaters they need to heat their space effectively.

It also helps customers calculate savings they will recoup by choosing natural gas rather than propane.

To obtain a copy of this electronic screening tool contact your local Union Gas Account Manager today.