Outdoor Heating

A cost effective way to extend your business season

Being able to heat an outdoor space cost-effectively allows businesses to extend the season for their outdoor service. It also expands available seating and creates a comfortable outdoor space for a large part of the year. Natural gas outdoor heating helps businesses increase revenue while maintaining the highest quality service.

Advantages of outdoor heating with natural gas

More and more restaurants are discovering the benefits a heated patio brings:

  • A restaurant gains a competitive advantage by differentiating itself from the competition

  • A heated patio is an excellent asset to advertise, and gives restaurants the chance to offer more entertainment to their customers. For instance, a bar could have a live band playing out on the heated patio, while its competitors would have to wait until the warm summer weather

  • A heated patio can be left open longer each night and the overall patio season extended

The option to sit outside and to sit for longer makes a restaurant more attractive to customers. Of course, customers who spend more time at a restaurant will also spend more money there.

Heating an outdoor space is a challenge - one that natural gas is best equipped to tackle. A gas-fired infrared heater provides heat where it’s needed safely and efficiently – warming people and objects without warming the air around them.

The system is also quiet, clean and minimizes electricity use since it has no fans or blowers. With an energy efficiency rating of 80% to 92%, there is no better way to heat an outdoor space than by using natural gas.

Saving money

The costs of purchasing and operating an infrared heating system are low and easily offset for many businesses because of increased revenue. Restaurants, motels, resorts and golf courses are among the businesses that can increase the bottom line by heating an outside patio and increasing seating or serving capacity.

Reliable and flexible

Natural gas-fueled infrared heaters are easily adapted to new situations. They provide as much heat as is needed, precisely where it’s needed and only for as long as it’s required.

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