Laundry Washing & Drying

The right washing & drying make a difference

Front load washers are high efficiency clothes washers that can achieve savings of 66% over top loading washers. As well front-loading washers extract more moisture from the clothes reducing the time and energy you use for drying.

When you go with a front-loading washer you can immediately realize benefits that include saving $175 per unit each year on natural gas, electrical and water costs, making it the energy efficient option for all property managers.

The ozone laundry system is a piece of equipment added onto a new or existing commercial washing machine.

The added on system generates ozone, a naturally occurring molecule that helps clean fabrics by chemically reacting with soils in cold water.

Adding a green, environmentally friendly ozone laundry system reduces the amount of chemicals, detergents and hot washing and drying times, saving even more on energy costs. With a non-invasive ozone laundry installation you can:

  •  Eliminate the use of hot water

  •  Shorten wash cycles and drying time

  •  Reduce your water footprint and protect our environment

Go to our Save Money & Energy section to see our Ozone Laundry incentive program.

Laundry Dryers

There are several varieties of natural gas commercial clothes dryers, each designed for a particular application. Coin operated machines are designed for apartments and laundromats. Larger dryers are made to service dry cleaners, health care facilities, student residences or any other setting where the volume of laundry is high.

Installation of gas equipment requires gas piping to each unit and exhaust venting from each unit. Contact a licensed gas fitter to arrange for the installation of gas for commercial drying equipment.