Laundry Drying & Washing


Your best option for commercial drying

Drying large quantities of clothing requires a lot of energy, which can push up costs very quickly. Natural gas is the best option for commercial drying, fueling a range of equipment that is flexible, efficient and built to last.

Natural gas is the most efficient method of drying large quantities of clothes, providing instant heat that can be precisely controlled. Clothes are dried more quickly with less wear and tear.

Natural gas dryers save you money

All dryers, regardless of their heat source, work the same way – by accelerating the evaporation of moisture. This is accomplished by increasing both the air temperature and airflow.

Commercial laundry facilities require a lot of energy to dry clothes, so finding the least expensive method of drying is a priority.

As thousands of high volume laundry facilities already know, natural gas provides instant heat for drying clothes for less money than electricity.

Reliable and flexible

Natural gas dryers are the best choice for commercial laundry use not only because they cost less to operate but also because they dry clothes more quickly and gently than electric.

Choosing the right washing machine makes a difference

Using a front load clothes washer or a ozone laundry system can achieve even better savings. To learn more go to Types of Equipment.

To find incentive programs for Front Load Clothes Washers and Ozone Laundry Systems go to water heating programs on our Save Money & Energy page.

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