Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

An essential part of your mechanical system

Make up Air units are an essential part of a building’s mechanical system, providing high quality air while improving the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Go to our Save Money & Energy section to see our Condensing Make up Air unit incentive program.

They save money by reducing drafts, dust and dirt entering a building. They also replace exhaust air that is expelled through kitchen and bathroom fans, and they reduce odours by supplying a continual flow of fresh, ventilated air.

Condensing gas fired units are the smart way to provide fresh air to common areas in commercial buildings. These high efficiency units feature high turn down modulating burners with stainless steel heat exchangers.

Choose from three categories of 91% efficiency that include single speed, 2 speed motor or variable frequency drives – a great investment that pays your business year after year.

Condensing rooftop MUA units provide your business with a host of benefits that keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Condensing technology offers efficiencies of over 90% as compared to the majority of non-condensing rooftop units which are in the mid efficiency range of 78% - 82%

  • High turn around feature results in better control and comfort

  • Energy efficiency results in lower operating cost