Natural Gas – many advantages over electricity

In many areas across Ontario, a comparable humidification output between electric and natural gas powered humidifiers gives gas powered units a significant operating advantage.

In addition to dollar savings provided by natural gas steam humidifiers, other savings can be obtained through:

  • Reduction of high electrical demand charges

  • No energy loss with high-pressure steam runs of conventional central boilers

  • No expensive water treatment required

  • Minimal maintenance costs

  • No replacement canisters saving you additional thousands of dollars over the life of the humidifier.

Annual Operating Cost of Natural Gas Humidifier vs Electric Humidifier   Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Natural Gas Humidifier vs Electric Humidifier

Operating costs based on an average electric cost of $0.092 per kWh, natural gas average cost $0.387 per M3, based on a typical educational facility of 2,790 M2 floor area, located in London Ontario.  Gas and electric humidifiers are “kettle” type with “equivalent full load” operating hours of 662 hours per season.  Operating costs from v1.2 of the Union Gas Humidity Control Screening Tool.


Emissions estimate for natural gas calculated assuming 0.0497 kg CO2e/MJ (from Aube, Francois, “Guide for Computing CO2 Emissions Related to Energy Use”, CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory (June 2001),) emission rate and 37.68 MJ/M3 energy content

Emissions estimate for electricity based on 0.295kg CO2e/kWh, taken from  “Canada's Climate Change Voluntary Challenge and Registry - 2002. Challenge Registry Guide to Entity & Facility-Based Reporting”, Version 2.2”. p.36