Natural gas humidifiers – the economical choice

A natural gas humidifier is the best option for taking the dryness out of the air at your business. Natural gas units deliver consistent, reliable operation and cost less both to purchase and to maintain, compared to electric units.

Natural gas humidifiers also produce far fewer carbon dioxide emissions compared to the production of energy needed to power a comparable electric unit. Natural gas humidifiers are better for the air inside and outside.

Save your business up to 50% per year

A natural gas humidifier will save your business money. A natural gas unit costs about 50% less per year to operate when compared to an electric humidifier of the same size. It’s clear that natural gas is the economical choice. Click here to view cost comparison.

Reliable and flexible

Natural gas humidifiers are the best choice for business and commercial settings because they cost less to operate and they deliver years of consistent and reliable operation.

It’s not often that something costs less and also is more effective than a competing technology, but that is the case with natural gas vs. electric humidifiers.

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