High Efficiency Under-fired Broiler

Under-fired broilers (often referred to as “charbroilers”) are used in commercial and institutional food service to perform a wide variety of tasks, from melting cheese to cooking large cuts of meat. They are available in sizes ranging from three-foot to six-foot units.


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How It Works

A high efficiency under-fired broiler utilizes improved radiant design and burner control to allow lower firing and gas input levels during both preheat and cooking modes. According to the Food Service Technology Center, broilers typically operate continuously, at full burner output, regardless of cooking status. The energy savings achieved through better radiant design and better burner control allow for more efficient and more effective food preparation.


  • Reduction in natural gas usage
  • More efficient food preparation
  • Energy and cost savings

Building Applications

High efficiency under-fired broilers are suitable for use in all commercial foodservice or food processing institutions.

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