Energy Teams

Creating a culture of energy conservation

Building an energy team for your business will help create a culture of conservation throughout your operation. Energy Teams engage all levels of employees in the identification and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives. They are invested in the success of your energy saving goals and creating a culture of energy conservation that will help generate real results, saving money and energy.

Energy teams work - from initial assessment of your current energy consumption, through to the implementation of energy saving activities and measures. We can help to get your energy team going, keeping it on track and getting the most out of your building or process. Energy efficiency pays year after year and can help keep your business competitive. 

Let’s get started!

To help get your energy team started Union Gas has created poster and sticker templates for recruiting energy team members and promoting, motivating energy conservation. Register your Energy Team with Union Gas today to receive three free 11"x 17" Energy Team posters. Simply email Union Gas at and include your contact information in the email so we can follow up and confirm your registration.  So, whether you are starting a new team from scratch or improving upon the performance of a team that you already have in place we have the tools you need to reach your energy saving goals.