Desiccant Dehumidification

Thunder Bay scores with gas dehumidification in arenas

Thunder Bay ArenaThe problem they had to solve

Maintenance costs were getting too high at arenas in Thunder Bay. Wood rot forced annual painting and repair, molds and fungus developed in change rooms and hallways, condensation formed on steel surfaces causing corrosion.

In addition, excess humidity caused poor ice surfaces in winter and wet concrete surfaces in the summer, resulting in poor playing conditions for hockey and dangerous conditions for roller hockey.

Dehumidification was essential to improve the quality of the facilities and to allow year round use of the arenas.

DehumidifierThe solution

Dissatisfied with the high maintenance and operating cost experienced with electric dehumidification used in other arenas, Barry, Manager of Arenas and Stadia for the City of Thunder Bay, went looking for a better solution.

He found it with the Munters Model A10G Gas Desiccant Dehumidifiers.

Thunder Bay ordered three Munters Dehumidifiers and installed them at the Delaney, Grandview and Neebing arenas over a three-year period. Lance Reid (see photo below, right) of Profor Engineering Services Ltd provided the engineering services.

Thunder Bay Arena ManagerThe results

Barry noticed positive results immediately. "We had no more problems with molds and fungus. The quality of ice improved right away and we now have no concerns over safety with wet playing surfaces during roller hockey season."

Additional benefits

Arena staff also noticed another benefit. The Munters A10G Gas Desiccant dehumidifier has a make up air feature that allows for continuous ventilation. This has eliminated carbon monoxide problems experienced during ice resurfacing.

Before the unit was installed, the arenas had to be ventilated every hour during resurfacing. This frequent ventilation added moist air to the building compounding the humidity problems.

With the Munters desiccant dehumidifier, fresh air is dehumidified and continuously introduced to the building. This has further improved the indoor environment for the users of the arenas.