Condensing Unit Heater

A condensing unit heater is an individual unit that provides heat for a specific area. As heat is produced, fans blow the hot air down and can be felt from fairly great distances. This makes a unit heater ideal for use in warehouses and large commercial retail outlets with high ceilings.


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How It Works

A condensing unit heater is a power-vented unit with a primary, non-condensing heat exchanger, followed by a secondary heat exchanger in which waste heat from the flue gases is recovered. As heat is extracted from the flue gases, resulting condensate of some of the water vapour present in the flue gases occurs.


  • Reduced natural gas usage
  • Improved comfort and efficiency
  • Energy and cost savings

Building Applications

Unit heaters are most often found in garage bays, warehouses and semi-finished areas. A unit heater can be small enough for residential use, though they are designed and installed for commercial applications and can often be mounted onto a wall or ceiling.

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