Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Tankless (also called instantaneous or on-demand) water heaters provide hot water without using a storage tank.


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How It Works

Condensing tankless water heaters provide minimal hot water storage, in the form of water in the coil, so standby heat and energy losses can be considered negligible. This reduced storage capacity (typically less than two gallons) results in the need for higher capacity burners to generate the flow of hot water necessary to serve equivalent peak loads.


  • Higher average thermal efficiency
  • Elimination of standby energy losses associated with storage units
  • Energy and cost savings

Building Applications

Natural gas-fueled condensing tankless water heaters can be installed in all types of commercial buildings for all or part of their water heating needs. Suitable for new construction or time-of-natural-replacement installation where the pre-existing water heater was a natural gas non-condensing, power vented storage unit.

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