Condensing Furnace

Condensing gas furnaces provide the highest level of Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE).


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How It Works

High efficiency condensing gas furnaces achieve savings through the utilization of a sealed, super insulated combustion chamber, more efficient burners and multiple heat exchangers that remove a significant portion of the waste heat from the flue gases. Escaping flue gases are condensed, releasing heat that can be captured and used. The remaining liquid is then drained.


  • The highest level of furnace efficiency
  • Reduction in natural gas usage
  • Improved comfort
  • Energy and cost savings

Building Applications

Furnaces are categorized by input capacity and are performance-rated by their thermal efficiency. There is no specific rating or label for commercial furnaces. Union Gas offers an incentive for the installation of condensing furnaces in commercial buildings, commercial use.

For more information, visit our incentives page.