Air Curtains

Save energy even when the doors are open

What are Air Curtains

Illustration showing how air curtains workAn air curtain is a device that blows a stream of air across a doorway or window to reduce heat loss or heat gain.  The airstream also reduces the entrance of dirt and insects.

How do Air Curtains Work

The air curtain fan blows air at predetermined speeds and direction, to provide a wall of air across the opening.  The air flow is fast enough and thick enough to prevent outdoor and indoor air from mixing.  This air flow also acts as a barrier to dust, odour and insects from entering.  Air curtains save energy in situations where a door is left open because of frequent use, such as at loading docks and mall or store entrances.  Although the air curtain takes energy to operate, it prevents conditioned building air from being lost to the outdoors or an unconditioned part of the building, such as in a cold storage facility.  Air curtains can also heat the air stream to reduce the impact of cold air that may penetrate the curtain.

Types of Air Curtains

Air curtains are typically installed above the doorway or opening and are usually the non re-circulating type, which discharge indoor air in a continuous stream downward across the door or opening. 

Where are Air Curtains Used?

Air curtains are commonly used on openings to the outdoors or to unheated portions of a building that need to remain open because of high traffic volumes or because of the inconvenience of constant door movement.

Typical applications include loading docks, store or office entrances, and cold storage facilities

Where can I find Air Curtain Manufacturers?

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