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Leading edge technologies to help you grow your business

At Union Gas we understand that the pace of technological innovation is moving faster than ever. We also know that staying competitive in the marketplace depends on having the very latest technologies and solutions.

This section has been designed to provide information on energy efficient equipment for space heating, water heating and cooking as well as information on natural gas for power generation and transportation. Using the links below - click on the section that interests to you – and let us show you how Union Gas can help decrease your overall costs and increase profitability.

Building an energy team

In addition to energy efficient equipment, establishing an energy team within your business can help to create a culture of conservation throughout your operation, engage your staff in energy saving projects and work together to identify cost savings. Whether you are looking for equipment options, natural gas fuel options or tips to build a culture of energy conservation, we can help you get started on energy efficiency projects that pay year after year and can help keep you competitive.

End of introduction.

Natural Gas - Transportation & Power Generation

Energy efficient equipment - Space heating, water heating and cooking

More information and tips to help identify energy efficiency upgrades and improvements in your plants and facilities, Union Gas has created the following system brochures.

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