Condensing Make-up Air Units

Bonus incentives for Condensing Make-up Air Units - Act Now! Details below

Condensing make-up air (MUA) units are the smart way to provide fresh air to common areas in commercial buildings. These high-efficiency units feature high turn-down modulating burners with stainless steel heat exchangers. Choose from three categories of efficiency that include constant speed, 2 speed motor or variable frequency drives (VFD)—a great investment that provides payback for your business year after year.


for Commercial/Industrial new construction and existing buildings

Customer Incentives

  • Constant Speed
    $0.30/CFM per unit
  • 2 Speed
    $0.35/CFM per unit
  • Variable Frequency Drive
    $0.40/CFM per unit
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Bonus incentives exclusively for units over 5,000 CFM

2 Speed bonus - $1,500
per unit on top of $0.35/CFM incentive

VFD bonus - $2,500
per unit on top of $0.40/CFM incentive

Service Provider Incentive

  • $100 per unit

Equipment Eligibility

  • ≥ 90% thermal efficiency for new installations and equipment replacements
  • Incentive applies to units ≥ 1,500 to ≤ 14,000 CFM
  • Buildings with demand control ventilation are not eligible
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More Information About Make-up Air Units

As a part of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, a rooftop condensing make-up air unit (MUA) is a larger air handler that circulates and conditions 100% outside air.

diagram showing how make up air units work

How Condensing Make-up Air Units Work

MUA units are a common form of ventilation. They introduce fresh air into a building and exhaust building air through multiple exhaust fans located all around the building.

MUA units are located on the rooftop of a building and supply 100% outdoor air. As shown in the diagram, the MUA takes in fresh outdoor air and passes it through a bank of filters and dampers to remove contaminants and regulate the amount of air brought in.

The incoming air can then be efficiently heated by an indirect gas-fired heat exchanger. The heated air is then either blown directly into a building space or it can be ducted to target locations.


  • Condensing technology offers efficiencies of over 90% compared to the 78%-82% efficiencies of non-condensing MUA units
  • High turn-around feature results in better control and comfort
  • Energy efficiency lowers operating costs
  • Improved air quality creates a more comfortable work environment for employees and customers


MUA units require routine maintenance and inspections. Managers should schedule inspections and maintenance on a semiannual basis with a technician from the manufacturer or service provider.

Building Applications

Most commercial and industrial buildings can benefit from installing a high-efficiency condensing MUA unit including restaurants and commercial kitchens, gymnasiums, auto repair shops, wastewater and sewage treatment facilities, and manufacturing and assembly plants.

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