Infrared Heaters

Infrared heating

Keeping your customers warm and comfortable during the colder months is a very important part of your business. With highly efficient infrared heaters you can heat people and objects directly, creating warmth and comfort at ground level, close to where activities take place.


for Commercial/Industrial new construction and existing buildings

Customer Incentives

  • $300 per unit, Single Stage, ≤ 299 kBtu/hr
  • $400 per unit, Two Stage, ≤ 299 kBtu/hr

Service Provider Incentive

  • $100 per unit
    (HVAC Contractors Only)

Distributor Incentive

  • $50 per unit

Equipment Eligibility

  • Incentive applies to units ≤ 299 kBtu/hr in new construction or when replacing conventional unit heaters only
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More Information About Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters use infrared radiation (heat) to directly heat people, objects and surfaces, and to create even warmth at ground level.

Forced-air heating illustration
Infrared heating illustration

How Infrared Heaters Work

Infrared heaters work the same way as the sun. Infrared rays heat objects directly as opposed to the air around it. As a result, when an object becomes hot, it creates a chain effect and heats the surrounding air and objects. Because of its ability to heat people, objects, and surfaces directly, these occupants become their own heating source and distribute even heat—leading to greater cost efficiency.

In the diagram, you will see how infrared heat creates sustained ground level heating by directly heating people and objects.


  • Quick heat recovery
  • Reduced fuel and electricity consumption
  • Less stratification and reduced building heat loss
  • Clean, quiet and draft free
  • More comfort at lower temperatures


Installing and maintaining infrared heaters is simple—all you need is a natural gas source and ensuring there is enough strength in the wall or ceiling where you are going to hang it.

Infrared heaters feature no moving parts (ie, motors) so the maintenance is minimal. Your infrared heater will need periodic cleaning of the reflectors and replacement of the heat source to ensure optimal performance.

Building Applications

Infrared heaters are the perfect heating solution for large buildings such as warehouses, machine and auto body shops, terminals, manufacturing plants and farm buildings that have large roofs and doors, which are subject to substantial building heat loss. However, smaller buildings can greatly benefit from infrared heaters as well. Infrared heaters are available in custom and universal designs. Contact an engineering consultant to see what is best for your business.

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