Air Curtains

Air Curtain Installation over a Garage Door

Save energy even when the doors are open. Air curtain technology delivers a controlled stream of air that separates the indoor and outdoor environment. Air curtains reduce infiltration of cold or hot outside air through doorways, significantly reducing natural gas heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


for Commercial/Industrial new construction and existing buildings

Customer Incentives

Single Pedestrian Doors

  • $300 per single door 7' x 3'
  • $400 per single door 7' x 6
  • $500 per single door 8' x 6'

Double Pedestrian Doors

  • $600 per double door (2) 7' x 3'
  • $800 per double door (2) 7' x 6'
  • $1,000 per double door (2) 8' x 6'

Shipping and Receiving Doors

    • $1,200 per door 8' x 8'
    • $1,200 per door 8' x 10'
    • $1,800 per door 10' x 10'

Service Provider Incentive

  • $100 per unit

Equipment Eligibility

  • Pedestrian single and double doors and shipping doors in buildings with natural gas space heating
  • Other door sizes not listed above may be eligible
  • Replacement of existing air curtains is not eligible
  • Buildings with vestibules are not eligible
  • Equipment installed must be non-heated and tested by a third-party performance standard (ANSI/AMCA 220-05 or similar)

Multi-Installation Bonus

Increase your incentives up to 40%. Our multi-installation bonus is an additional incentive for eligible energy-efficient equipment.* A minimum of 4 units is required and can be installed in one or more locations. Your maximum bonus payment can be as much as $20,000 per account holder.

20% bonus
for any combination of
4-10 units
30% bonus
for any combination of
11-20 units
40% bonus
for any combination of
21-30 units

Participants must pay the natural gas bill for the location where the equipment was installed. The following equipment is ineligible for the bonus: demand control ventilation, ozone laundry equipment, multi-unit residential in-suite installations and custom engineering projects.

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More Information About Air Curtains

An air curtain is a device that blows a stream of air across a doorway or window when opened, to reduce heat loss or heat gain. The airstream also reduces the entrance of dirt and insects.

illustration of how air curtains work

How Air Curtains Work

The air curtain fan propels air at programmed speeds and direction, to provide a wall of air across the opening of a door or window. The air is blown at a high enough speed and thickness that prevents outdoor and indoor air from mixing. This air flow also acts as a barrier to dust, odor and insects from entering the building.


  • Energy and cost savings
  • Provides a consistent temperature and improved work environment
  • Generally improves air quality when used in combination with a make-up air system by producing a good air mixture and reducing stale contaminated air


Air curtains require minimal maintenance. However, dust and debris can often build up in the device and cause a drop in performance. To ensure optimum performance and noise reduction, be sure to clean the filters routinely.

Building Applications

Air curtains are ideal for buildings that use large doors frequently. Air curtains are commonly used on openings to the outdoors or to sections of a building that are not heated that may need to remain open because of high traffic.

Typical applications include loading docks, store or office entrances and cold storage facilities.

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