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Steam Cookers

Steam cookers are used in commercial and institutional food service preparation to cook foods that do not need to form a crust. The steamer resembles an oven where food is steamed in a sealed cavity. There are several steam cooker configurations that include countertop models, wall-mounted models and floor models mounted on pedestal or cabinet-style base.

Commercial steamers come in different sizes, but steamers holding six or more pans are the most common, based on the ENERGY STAR® approved products list. ENERGY STAR® rated steam cookers offer shorter cook times, higher production rates and reduced heat loss due to better insulation and more efficient steam delivery system.


for commercial foodservice

Customer Incentive

  • $400 per unit

Service Provider Incentive

  • $50 per unit

Equipment Eligibility

  • 6-pan steam cooker
  • Connectionless or steam generator design
  • Minimum efficiency of 38%
  • Maximum idle energy rate of 12.5 kBtu/hr
  • Commercial food preparation or processing

Multi-Installation Bonus

Increase your incentives up to 40%. Our multi-installation bonus is an additional incentive for eligible energy-efficient equipment.* A minimum of 4 units is required and can be installed in one or more locations. Your maximum bonus payment can be as much as $20,000 per account holder.

20% bonus
for any combination of
4-10 units
30% bonus
for any combination of
11-20 units
40% bonus
for any combination of
21-30 units

Participants must pay the natural gas bill for the location where the equipment was installed. The following equipment is ineligible for the bonus: demand control ventilation, ozone laundry equipment, multi-unit residential in-suite installations and custom engineering projects.

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More Information About ENERGY STAR® Steam Cookers

A steam cooker (or compartment steamer) uses steam heat to cook food in a compartment that seals in air and liquids. ENERGY STAR® models are up to 50% more energy efficient than standard steam cookers.

How ENERGY STAR® Steam Cookers Work

Steam cookers can deliver steam to the cooking compartment in several different ways, including pressurized, pressureless, boiler and connectionless steamers as well as in-compartment steam generators. Steam cookers that have earned the ENERGY STAR® designation offer shorter cook times and higher production rates, along with higher energy efficiency ratings.


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • ENERGY STAR® steam cookers meet specification requirements of 38% natural gas minimum cooking efficiency, and a maximum idle rate (which varies with steamer size)
  • Reduction in natural gas usage
  • Shorter cooking time
  • Higher production rates
  • Improved steam delivery
  • Reduced heat loss (better insulation)
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Water savings through reduced condensate draining

Building Applications

ENERGY STAR® steam cookers are ideal for use in all commercial foodservice or food processing institutions.

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