2019 Large Volume Direct Access Program

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The Large Volume Direct Access Program provides every Rate T2 and Rate 100 customer with a dedicated incentive budget to spend on energy savings projects.

The program has two components:

First, customers prepare their annual Energy Efficiency Plan to reserve their share of their Direct Access budget (DAB).

If projects submitted by eligible customers do no use the entire DAB, the unused funds are pooled into a Large Volume Aggregate Pool (LVAP) and become available for other customers, potentially increasing the total incentive.

Participating in the Direct Access Program

From the beginning of the year through March, your energy conservation advisor will help you develop your annual energy efficiency plan, which when submitted in April, reserves your DAB.

Customers who elect not to submit an Energy Efficiency Plan will have their DAB incentives transferred to create the Large Volume Aggregate Pool (LVAP). The LVAP will be used to fund energy efficiency projects for all Rate T2 and Rate 100 customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Incentive payouts are made by the end of December.

Apply for a Large Volume Direct Access Program Incentive

Applying is easy. Simply contact your energy conservation advisor or send us an email using the button below. A energy conservation advisor will get back to you within 5 business days to discuss next steps.