How Your Union Gas Account Manager Can Help

Union Gas Account Managers offer a multitude of services to businesses that are serious about improving their energy use.

Union Gas Account Managers can:

  • Attend your meetings: To help get your energy team off and running, Union Gas Account Managers are willing to sit in on your energy team’s meetings. They will help guide the meetings to make them more efficient and effective.
  • Provide technical support: Having participated in several energy efficiency projects in the past, Union Gas Account Managers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to saving energy. From their experiences on various projects, Account Managers are aware of energy efficiency opportunities that have worked for others and that may work for you.

Other examples of the support offered by Union Gas Account Managers include:

  • Ground-up Support: From conception through to the capital fund raising process, Union Gas Account Managers are there to help.
  • Plant Walkthroughs: Plant walkthrough forms will help give you an idea of how you’re currently using your energy.
  • Determine applicable project funding: Union Gas Account Managers will help you find funding for your energy conservation projects.
  • Help create publicity: Every time you receive incentive funding from Union Gas for an energy efficiency project you will receive that payment in the form of a large cardboard cheque. The cheque presentation ceremony is a great photo opportunity that can be used to internally and externally communicate your energy team’s successes and your organization's commitment to improve its energy use.
  • Put you in touch with other resources: Union Gas Account Managers can put you in touch with resources such as: energy management service consultants, energy management training consultants, energy efficient equipment suppliers, and many others.
  • Provide energy awareness giveaways: When your company hosts an energy awareness day, Union Gas Account Managers can hand out energy efficiency giveaways that will help you promote and establish an energy conservation culture in your organization

Contact a Union Gas Account Manager today to discuss your energy team goals.