Why energy teams work

Your blueprint for success

GE Energy Team

Managing energy costs is a business practices issue. Smart energy use is a business solution, not just a technical one. That’s why more and more Union Gas customers are setting up energy teams. They are seeing results in energy savings, productivity gains, and cost reductions. Whether yours is a large operation or small, a commercial, industrial or institutional facility, you can use the energy team approach to improve energy management and productivity.

Energy teams are a practical way to address both technical and business challenges in using energy more efficiently and containing energy costs.

An energy team makes it possible to:

  • Get information and buy-in from different parts of your organization
  • Identify a wide range of problems and opportunities
  • Integrate technical and business knowledge
  • Rank and plan initiatives
  • Mobilize resources
  • Lead a culture shift
  • Keep up the savings momentum year after year

Don't take our word for it. See how other companies have implemented energy saving measures with outstanding results. View customer success stories.

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