Measuring Your Success

Energy Audits give you a benchmark for comparison

Having an energy audit done before you make any conservation improvements is essential in order to give you a benchmark for meaningful comparisons and to help you determine your conservation priorities. There are many different types of energy audits with many different purposes. It is important for your team to understand the available options and which are best suited to your particular situation.

Union Gas offers Incentive programs to identify natural gas savings and increase energy efficiency awareness. This information under Engineering Projects, in the Save Money & Energy section. Your Union Gas representative will help you choose the best route, however the information below will provide you with a high level understanding of your energy audit options.

  • Engineering feasibility Study: An engineering feasibility analysis will also determine potential energy savings, detailed cost analysis and financial justification through custom engineering analysis and design of specific process equipment or operational improvements.

  • Steam Trap Survey: This survey inspects steam traps to ensure they are functioning properly and quantifies the energy losses associated with any inoperable traps.

  • Process Improvement study: A process integration study is used to optimize energy use across an entire facility. Energy optimization is determined through a comprehensive process simulation of an industrial facility using energy and mass balance analysis. As well, advanced computer modeling is used to identify projects and strategies that ensure all site resources are optimized. The result of this study includes a technical and economic evaluation of selected projects.

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and make-up air audit: By conducting an analysis of energy use for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and make-up air conservation, the HVAC audit identifies ways to improve HVAC system efficiency and performance. This audit will also provide air quality solutions for worker safety and code compliance.

  • Conduct your own energy audit: Union Gas offers a Walk through self-audit (PDF) form that you can use to get a basic understanding of your facility’s energy use. The form will help identify no cost and low-cost energy saving opportunities - and provide you with the facts you need to start developing your own successful energy action plan.

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