Energy Team Quick Wins

Start small so you can see progress

When it comes to conserving energy it is always wise to start out small so you can see the progress of your team more quickly. Simple reminders, investigating rebate and incentive programs from your utility companies and engaging employees to generate ideas will energize your team and identify the quick wins to get started and reach your energy saving goals.

Simple reminders

By simply reminding people to turn it off or turn it back you can realize real results both in your daily energy use and in the way that your employees start to think about using energy.

Simple Energy Savings Reminders
  Natural Gas Lighting Water and Compressed Air
Turn it off Turn off unneeded heating producing equipment such as: computers, monitors and photocopiers Turn off:
  • Incandescent light bulbs when they aren't needed
  • Fluorescent lights when they'll be off for 15 minutes or more
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights when they'll be off for at least an hour
Turn off compressed air when it is not being used
Cut it back Cut back on your heating and cooling by programming building controls to shut off ventilation and heating/cooling to areas that are not in use. Install dimmer switches and motion sensors to cut back on the energy you use for lighting Cut back on your compressed air use by not using it for dusting and cooling
Tune it up Tune-up your furnaces and boilers to ensure they are running at their most efficient. Clean dirty lighting fixtures.
Dust and grease lighting fixtures can decrease a light's brightness/effectiveness by up to 30%
Tune-up your compressed air system by scanning for and repairing leaks in valves, joints and hoses.
Upgrade it Upgrade your heating system to incorporate heat recovery:
  • Flue gas to boiler feedwater
  • Blowdown steam to feedwater
  • Flash steam to LP process or condensate
  • Use ventilation air pre-heating by exhaust air
  • Process oil energy diverted to incoming air
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting from mercury vapour lighting.
  • Fluorescent lighting from incandescent lighting
  • Upgrade from water cooled A/C condensers to air cooled systems.
  • Install low-flow shower heads, toilets and aerators.
  • Install waterless urinals.

Identify rebates and incentives

One of the most important responsibilities your local Union Gas representative has is helping you to identify the rebates and incentives that you can use to help you achieve your energy saving goals.

Through our experience in a wide variety of industries we know exactly what rebates and incentives can apply to your operations – and we make it easy for you to get the funds your business needs.

To learn more about the rebates and incentives that your Energy Team can use to help you reach your energy saving goals go to, Save Money & Energy to find Union Gas' rebates & incentives.

Generating ideas and interest

  • Energy Days: Host energy awareness days or weeks for employees where you stress the importance of conserving energy. You could also use this time to give your employees an overview of your energy savings plan, mention the upcoming energy savings events and/or hand-out energy awareness giveaways.
  • Contests: Hold contests where employees submit their energy saving ideas for the chance to win a prize. You could then have an employee barbeque where you award the prizes to the employee who had the best ideas.
  • Competitions: Hold competitions, with prizes, where departments compete with one another to see which one can save the most energy.
  • Information Packages: Distribute brochures, e-mails and pamphlets to employees which highlight the purpose and expectations of the energy saving program.
  • Workshops: Conduct a few energy conservation awareness workshops for employees.
  • Giveaways: Hand out stickers, magnets, pens, and other giveaways that help promote your new energy conservation culture.