How To Apply

It only takes a few steps to apply


Download the application form.


Complete the application, sign it and email it to a Union Gas Energy Conservation Advisor.


Be sure to read Program Terms and Conditions on the application form.


A Union Gas representative will contact you with more steps to follow.

What comes next

Once your Energy Conservation Advisor has reached out to you, you’ll need to complete a few more steps. Don’t worry, we’ll be with you at every stage:


Stage 1: Visioning Session

This includes a session with your team, facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada, to evaluate your energy performance baselines. Download the Visioning Session Form and get started today. 


Stage 2: Integrated Design Process (IDP)

We’ll help you develop and evaluate strategies to meet or surpass the energy reduction target and achieve your sustainability goals. Work with a team of design professionals in a session led by a facilitator from Sustainable Buildings Canada.


Stage 3: Energy Performance Incentive

Once your energy performance target has been validated through an updated energy model, you’ll receive a $15,000 incentive.


Stage 4: Commissioning Incentive

Submit the Commissioning Report and final as-constructed energy model (including equipment specifications). Once verified, you may qualify for the additional $15,000 incentive.

Let's get started

Download, complete and submit your application.

For more information or to apply for this program, contact your Union Gas Energy Conservation Advisor or send us an email.