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What types of buildings qualify?

Commercial, institutional, multi-residential or industrial buildings covered under the Ontario Building Code (OBC) Part 3.

Is there a minimum size requirement?

Buildings with a minimum of 50,000 square feet. This could mean the combined square footage of smaller identically designed buildings that are all built within the program time requirement.

When can I participate?

Your building(s) must be in the design phase or earlier.

Where can the building(s) be located?

Your development must be in the former Union Gas service area to qualify. If the project has multiple sites with the same design, only the buildings that are in our area can be incented under this program. Enbridge also offers the program in their franchise area.

How do I collect the energy performance incentive?

To receive your energy performance incentive of $15,000, you must complete and submit a pre-construction updated energy model that demonstrates that the building will be built above code. This incentive is paid when construction is complete.

How do I collect the commissioning incentive?

To receive this additional incentive of $15,000, you must submit a post-construction "as-built" energy model showing that your project meets the energy performance requirements, together with the final certified commissioning report, within one year of construction completion.

Can I participate in other programs?

Participants in other incentive programs, like High Performance New Construction (HPNC), may still apply to Commercial Savings by Design and collect incentives from both programs, as long as they meet the requirements for each.

Since the program is offered by gas utilities, are the energy savings limited to natural gas?

No. Our program looks at net energy savings, which include all non-renewable energy sources, including electricity, natural gas and other fuels.

Where can I get more answers?

Contact your energy solutions advisor for more inquiries.

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