CO2 and Heating Cost Calculator

Comparing the cost of natural gas-fired heating and CO2 generation to the cost of purchasing #6 oil and liquid CO2.

CO Inputs

CO production from gas combustion
1.87 kg/m3
CO requirement
Number of days CO is required
Daily average hours of sunlight
Percentage of sunny days

Price Inputs

Price of liquid CO
Price of #6 oil
Price of natural gas

Heating Inputs

Btu Content of #6 oil
Percentage of useful heat generated from CO2 production



Hours of CO enrichment 0 hours/acre
COrequired 0 kg/acre
Natural gas required to produce CO 0 m3/acre
Equivalent amount of oil required for heating only 0 litres/acre

Cost comparison ($/acre)

Natural Gas



Cost of Fuel $ 0 $ 0 $ 0
Cost of buying liquid CO $ - $ 0 $ 0
Total 0 $ 0 $ 0
Most economical option
To be determined after calculation
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