Partners in a Sustainable Future

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Reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply is essential to the long-term vitality of any community. Union Gas has been operating alongside municipalities in Ontario for more than 100 years. As a natural gas distribution and storage company with more than 69,000 kilometres of pipeline, we are proud to serve 400-plus Ontario communities and 1.4 million customers.

We have the experience and the expertise to help you develop a comprehensive energy strategy for your community, maximizing resource opportunities and integrating effective policies and programs. Case in point: the City of Hamilton, where we have been partnering on creative energy solutions to save millions of dollars and drastically reduce the environmental impact.

City of Hamilton: Applying the natural gas advantage

The City of Hamilton is using natural gas to fuel growth, reduce energy-related costs and shrink their environmental footprint.

Hamilton Street Railway buses

Hamilton Street Railway: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for transit

CNG compressor stationHamilton is Ontario’s first municipality in over a decade to recommit to CNG buses for transit. A cleaner burning, lower carbon fuel with almost zero particulate emissions, CNG is the perfect fit for communities that want to build a greener transit fleet.

Union Gas is partnering with Hamilton for the design, construction and maintenance of a new CNG compressor station, which will fuel 120 new buses over the next six years. Union Gas will own and maintain the compressor, and the city will be responsible for its daily operations.

It is estimated that Hamilton will save $41 million over 20 years. In addition, this will be the highest capacity station in the province, which positions it well for future revenue generation.

Renewable natural gas from the waste water treatment plant


The City of Hamilton has long been a leader in producing biogas from its sewage and storm water waste. Over fifty years ago, Hamilton began processing sludge from its Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant. By 2006, it was using biogas to fuel a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. In 2011, the city was the first in Canada to upgrade the biogas into the equivalent of pure natural gas.

The biogas purification unit they utilize allows them to inject directly into the Union Gas natural gas distribution system, making Hamilton a producer of renewable natural gas (RNG) and creating revenue.

In addition, two generation facilities installed at the city’s Glanbrook Landfill collect methane gas to fuel plant electrical generation. On average, the generation units contribute $1.7 million to $2.0 million in annual revenue and dividends to the city.

CityHousing Hamilton holding $1 million cheque from Union Gas

CityHousing Hamilton benefits from Union Gas’ EnerSmart Program

CityHousing Hamilton recently received a cheque from Union Gas for over $1 million for energy efficiency projects, reducing energy costs and emissions in 11 of its high-rise multi-family buildings. The installation and commissioning of make-up air units, heat recovery ventilators, domestic heating and hot water boilers, and building controls will save City Housing Hamilton more than $2 million over the lifespan of the new equipment.

Union Gas office building

State of the art: Union Gas Hamilton District Office and Technical Training Centre

With the support of the City of Hamilton, Union Gas built the Hamilton District Office and Technical Training Centre. Located on a recovered brownfield site in Stoney Creek, the two-storey, 54,000 sq-ft facility showcases a number of energy-efficient technologies and uses 45 per cent less energy than a conventional building of comparable size. This new facility will help front-line Union Gas employees get the technical training they need, while contributing to the local economy.

“The City of Hamilton is always open to innovative solutions to reduce costs and our environmental impact. We have a long-standing, strong relationship with Union Gas, and will continue to work together on industry-leading energy solutions.”

– Hamilton Mayor, Fred Eisenberger
City of Hamilton skyline

Shared vision: Safe, healthy places to work and live

Union Gas is a partner in Ontario One Call, a service to promote safe excavation practices and reduce damages to underground facilities for all property owners in Ontario. Underground utilities such as pipelines, telephone, cable, hydro, water and sewer lines are safely marked to ensure it is safe to dig.

That is just part of our community involvement. From charitable contributions to organizations like United Way to employee-driven initiatives such as Helping Hands, Union Gas is passionate about giving back to the communities we serve.

Your partner in integrated energy planning

Managing energy use is a cornerstone of sustainable community development. Many Ontario municipalities are now creating and implementing Community Energy Plans. With 100-plus years of safely operating in Ontario, bringing energy and economic growth to the province, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in both planning and implementation.

To find out more, visit or contact your local Union Gas District Manager.