Union Gas Delivers Great Value To Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger is a Canadian retail chain that has been serving Canadians for over 50 years. They have built their brand by selling great products at rock-bottom prices, a business model which forces them to keep a watchful eye on the bottom line. In an era of rising costs and competition, they are always looking for ways to cut operating expenses.

Inside a Giant Tiger Store

The Situation

At their location in Belleville, Ontario, rooftop ventilation units were working overtime, running 24/7 to supply fresh climate-controlled air to both the store and the office, long after business hours. This value-driven customer was highly motivated to find a way to cut overall space heating and cooling costs.

The Solution

The solution was to install equipment that could monitor air quality within the building, adjusting ventilator use to need. Demand control ventilation units, which measure CO2 and bring in fresh air only when levels rise, were chosen. Because the units are not operating round-the-clock, energy costs are significantly reduced.

In addition, air curtains, which prevent outside air from rushing in through doorways, were installed to ease demand on heating or air conditioning equipment, and lower energy costs. As an added benefit, the air curtains also reduced the number of bugs getting into the store.

Because the new ventilation units are not running as frequently, Giant Tiger can bank on a longer life expectancy for their heating and cooling equipment.

Project Cost And Union Gas Rebates

  • The total cost for the project was $6,600. This expense was offset by rebates totalling $2,050 from Union Gas for the DCV units and the Air Curtains.

Savings And Results

  • With these upgrades, the Belleville store’s energy efficiency rating for space heating is 50 per cent above the 2012 Ontario Building Code.
  • Reduction in annual gas usage is projected to be 6,000 m3 (30 per cent), which will save the company about $1,500 a year.
  • This will allow the project to be paid off in two to three years; after that, energy savings can be put toward Giant Tiger's bottom line.

Equipment Installed:

  • 4 DCV units with CO2 sensors for the retail area
  • 1 DCV unit with CO2 sensors for the office area
  • 2 Air Curtain units for the pedestrian doors
Giant Tiger Savings
Term Amount
Project Cost $6,600
Rebates -2,050
Total $4,550



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