Success Stories

Don't take our word for it

Making energy savings a part of your business plan

Here are just a few of our Enercase success stories that show amazing results are possible to achieve.

  • New! Housing Corporation Heat Recovery - Multi-Family Apartment Building Heat Recovery for Make Up Air Enercase (pdf): London & Middlesex Housing Corporation has found a rooftop energy savings ally, Heat Recovery on the Make Up Air. The technology extracts heat from the exhaust air stream and uses it to pre-heat incoming air. The result - fresh air at the quantity and temperature desired along with a 55% reduction in natural gas use. The greater the volume of air used, the larger the savings.

  • Multi-Family Apartment Building Heating Control System - Multi-Family Apartment Building Heating Control Enercase (pdf): An innovative new heating control system in a five-story apartment building is lowering natural gas consumption by over 40%. 

  • Energy Teams - Greater than the sum of all parts - VideoEnergy teams can achieve significant savings and results by delivering energy efficiency projects for their companies. See how energy teams from three companies are making a meaningful difference. "Greater than the sum of all parts" video is a first-hand account of how energy teams are helping their organization manage energy better while they are delivering bottom line benefits.

  • Building your own Energy Team - Energy Team Success Stories (pdf): Many companies have successfully realized significant energy savings through the work of their Energy Teams. We hope you will find the six success stories inspiring and perhaps a blueprint for your own energy saving programs.

  • Condensate & flue gas heat recovery - Day & Campbell Enercase (pdf): This concrete and slag block manufacturer is capturing waste heat from both process condensate and flue gases, reducing natural gas, water and water treatment costs.

  • Condensing Heat Recovery - Maple Leaf Foods/Rothsay Enercase (pdf) or EnerTalk video: Rothsay maximized boiler heat recovery at its Moorefield rendering plant by adding five ConDex indirect condensing economizer systems. Installed inside the exhaust stacks, the units recover both sensible and latent heat energy from flue gases, re-using it to pre-heat combustion air, boiler intake, and make-up water.

  • Energy Curtains - Lake Erie Farms Enercase (pdf): Energy curtains installed in this Courtland greenhouse are helping reduce their natural gas consumption by 25%.

  • HVAC system upgrades - Chatham-Kent Health Alliance will save $437,000 a year in utility costsAfter completing an energy and facility renewal program with Honeywell, Union Gas' EnerSmart programs are helping them manage their energy more efficiently. Learn more through Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Earth Week video.

  • High-temperature process burners - Hamilton Steel Enercase (pdf): New, high-temperature process burners reduce energy use per ton of output by 7.7%.

  • Integrated energy management - Greenfield Ethanol Enercase (pdf): Including energy management in daily business decisions fuels a competitive advantage for this ethanol and commercial alcohol producer.
  • LEED Buildings - Union Gas LEED Building (pdf): Our facilities in Burlington, Windsor and Kingston are demonstrating the savings and benefits of sustainable buildings. Designed and built to achieve LEED® Gold certification for high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, the buildings also incorporate power generation technologies that let them operate independent of the electricity grid or, at some point in the future, sell power back to the grid.
  • Performance Contracting - Hamilton Health Sciences Enercase (pdf) or EnerTalk video:  Hamilton Health Sciences is implementing one of the largest energy saving retrofit projects ever undertaken in a Canadian hospital. A performance contract with Johnson Controls has made it possible for Hamilton Health Sciences to carry out about $50 million in facility improvements without touching the hospital’s capital budget.

  • Steam System Efficiencies - Imperial Oil Enercase (pdf): By taking a proactive approach to steam system efficiency, Imperial Oil is saving about $3 million a year.

  • Thermal imaging insulation audits - AbitibiBowater Enercase (pdf): A thermal insulation audit can save a manufacturer hundreds of thousands of dollars. This Enercase shows how a paper manufacturer is using it to capture big savings and short paybacks.

  • Ventilation heat recovery - ArcelorMittal Dofasco Enercase (pdf): Dofasco's 60-foot high, 11-acre warehouse presented unique ventilation challenges. New ventilation heat recovery is lowering their energy costs by about $350,000 a year while increasing warehouse air quality.

  • Waste heat recovery - INVISTA Enercase (pdf): Waste heat recovery supplies 50% of building heat requirements for this Kingston fibre producer.

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