Operational Status Traffic Light Enhancements

FactslineEnhancement Highlights:

  • An additional outlook day has been added to the existing operational status traffic lights
  • Creation of seven south operational distribution service areas and corresponding traffic lights

Union Gas’ operational status traffic lights provide outlooks for each specific path on our storage and transportation system. The traffic lights can be found a variety of ways, including from prominent system indicators on both the business and storage and transmission landing pages of uniongas.com, as well as from Unionline.

The operational traffic lights are an indicator of Union Gas’ system operations and they can be used to help customers manage their gas nomination and business planning needs. It’s important to remember, a traffic light is an indication only, and not a probability of interruption.

The operational traffic lights can be green, yellow, or red. By clicking on the lights you can see more detailed information about the status.

Green: Green means there are currently no issues and Union Gas doesn’t expect any service interruptions.

Yellow: Yellow is an indication that operational conditions may require an interruption or that an interruption is already in place. Customers may have to take action on a yellow light so be prepared. If action is required with respect to customers’ distribution service, a formal interruption notice will be sent to interruptible customers. For in-franchise direct purchase balancing transactions, any necessary interruptions will be handled through the nomination scheduling reduction process.

Red: Red indicates there is a force majeure (a major, and usually uncontrollable, force/event that results in a failure to perform), which could result in curtailment of firm services.

New Enhancements

Union Gas has added an additional outlook day to the existing traffic light service (Northern, Eastern and Storage and Transmission lights) to assist customers with their business planning.

New for our southern customers is the addition of seven operational distribution service areas and their corresponding traffic lights. This gives our south customers access to the same level of system status information as customers in our northern and eastern areas. A map has been included on the traffic light page showing the new south operational distribution service areas. Each operational area is identified by a number (1 to 7). South customers with interruptible distribution service will receive individual email communication indicating their applicable area. Customers are encouraged to keep their area number readily available for future reference.

Union Gas’ interruption notification process will remain unchanged. Interruptible customers will be notified as usual when there is an interruption to their service.

Subscribe for Email Notifications - Get the information you need delivered directly to your inbox.

Customers can subscribe to our email notification service to get the information they need delivered directly to their inbox. Customers can subscribe to a number of email notifications including operational notifications, status updates for storage and transportation, pipeline capacity and open seasons. To sign up, fill out the email notification service subscription form and select your preferred notices.

Email Notifications


Operational Notifications

Customers receive notice when the operational status of Union Gas’ system changes. This can include planned or unplanned construction and maintenance events or other operational notices, such as availability of storage injections/withdrawals, transportation capacity, etc.


Storage Injections/Withdrawals Operational Status Updates

Customers receive notice when the traffic light changes colour for storage injections or storage withdrawals changes. The email will specify whether it is the injection or withdrawal path.


Dawn to/from Parkway Transportation Operational Status Updates and Distribution Service Area Operational Updates

Customers receive notice when there is a traffic light change for Dawn to/from Parkway, the North and South Distribution areas, or to/from Kirkwall.


Dawn Upstream Transportation Operational Status Updates

Customers receive notice when there is a traffic light change to/from Dawn Transport segments Ojibway, St. Clair, Bluewater, Vector, or Dawn-TCPL.

T1/T2/T3 Storage Overrun Status Changes

Customers receive notice of which days an authorized/unauthorized injection or withdrawal charge is applicable.


Pipeline Releases

Customers receive notice when Union Gas releases excess upstream transportation capacity in the secondary market.

Open Seasons

Customers receive open season notifications. Open season is a tool used to bring Union Gas’s ex-franchise services to market.

Distribution customers that would like to receive emails with system operational status changes should subscribe to the Dawn to/from Parkway Transportation Operational Status Updates and Distribution Service Area Operational Updates. Customers should also subscribe to Operational Notifications to receive specific details about an interruption, like reason for the interruption, expected timing, etc.

If you have any questions about the traffic light service, these enhancements, or our email notification service, please contact Patrick Boyer.

Patrick Boyer (519) 436-5470   Cell (519) 436-4915   Email: pboyer@uniongas.com