Information for Large Volume Union South Rate Zone Customers

2018 Deferral Account Clearing Bill Adjustments

Enbridge Gas Inc. recently received approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to dispose of amounts recorded in certain 2018 deferral and variance accounts (EB-2019-0105). (Note: The 2018 deferral account application excludes any 2018 Cap-and-Trade or Demand Side Management (DSM) related deferrals).

This account clearing will result in a one-time delivery adjustment being applied to the April 2020 bill of all customers who received contract rate delivery services in 2018.

What are Deferral Accounts?

Deferral accounts are used to capture certain differences between Enbridge Gas’ forecast and actual revenues and costs. The differences are either refunded or collected from customers, upon approval by the OEB, and are allocated to each rate class.

Enbridge Gas separates the annual deferral account balances into three separate filings - non-DSM deferral account balances (discussed here), DSM-related deferral account balances, and carbon-related deferral account balances. Separating the deferrals into three separate applications allows for deferral accounts to be cleared and communicated to our customers in a timely manner.

How to Estimate the 2018 Delivery Adjustment

You can estimate your 2018 delivery adjustment by multiplying the rate adjustment that applies to your service (shown below) by the actual volume of natural gas consumed in 2018.

Rate Class Approved Unit Rate for 2018 Delivery Adjustment
Rate M4 (0.0224)
Rate M5 0.1654
Rate M7 0.0029
Rate M9 (0.0141)
Rate M10 (0.0451)
Rate T1 (0.0444)
Rate T2 (0.0470)
Rate T3 (0.0599)

Full details of this filing (EB-2019-0105) can be found on our website. If you have any questions about this material, please contact your account manager.