Interruption Notification System Testing

EnerlineInformation for Interruptible Service Customers

On the afternoon of Sept. 14, 2017, Union Gas will be testing its interruption notification system.

Interruptible service customers will receive an automated email message and are asked to please “reply” upon receipt.

As winter weather approaches it is important that Union Gas has your up-to-date contact information in case of curtailment to contract distribution service. In the event of a contract service interruption or Force Majeure, Union Gas will contact customers using the information we have on file.

Please take this opportunity to verify that your interruption and Force Majeure contact information is up-to-date. Changes to contact persons attached to a contract can be made anytime during the year using Unionline. For a reminder on how to make these updates, visit our online tutorials page and view Contact & Address Information Changes under the Contracts section.

Interruption Process of Interruptible Service Customers:

Union Gas is required to provide a minimum of 4 hours’ notice when issuing a Notice of Interruption to interruptible customers. We will make best efforts to provide a longer notice period when possible.

In the event of an actual interruption, contract customers will receive a Notice of Interruption (email, SMS and automated call) specifying the date, time and area impacted. Customers must then reduce natural gas usage to the contracted firm levels as per Schedule 1 of their distribution contract, and as per the instructions in the Notice of Interruption.

Union Gas will provide a courtesy call to any customer who does not respond to the Notice of Interruption email, however; issuing the Notice to the interruptible contact on file is the only contractual obligation for notification.

For interruptible customers that do not comply with the Notice of Interruption, the Unauthorized Non-Compliance Rate of $60/GJ will be applied to any quantities consumed above a customer’s firm entitlements.

If you have any questions about this edition of Enerline, please contact your account manager.