June 2017 Energylink - Smart Ideas for Business

Save money on equipment that saves you even more

image of customer and account manager reviewing equipment options

Union Gas incentives lower the cost of installing equipment that saves energy and reduces your operating costs.

Consultation: Saving starts here
Schedule an on-site consultation with a Union Gas Account Manager to assess your building’s energy efficiency and discuss opportunities to upgrade and save.

Application: We do the work, you get the money
We’ll work with you and your equipment provider to support the installation of your new equipment and to process your incentive application.

Do more, get more: Ask about the Multi-Unit Installation Bonus
Get an additional 20 to 40 per cent when you install multiple units.

Contact a Union Gas Account Manager today

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Visit uniongas.com/business and profit from our expertise.

Smell gas? Clear out fast!

Illustration of woman smelling natural gas leak
Illustration of rotten eggs

You can’t see or taste natural gas so we made sure you can smell it by adding a scent that makes it smell like rotten eggs or sulphur. Leaks are rare but if one does occur, you need to know what to do, to keep people and property safe.

If you smell rotten eggs:

  1. Clear the premises immediately
  2. Call Union Gas at 1–877–969–0999 or 911 from a safe distance away

Natural gas is flammable, so if you suspect a leak, don’t use electrical switches, appliances, phones, garage door openers, motors or motor vehicles, matches or lighters and do not smoke. Be sure everyone at work knows what to do if they smell natural gas.

To find out more and watch short videos about natural gas safety, visit uniongas.com/safety.

Cap-and-trade refresher

  • The Ontario government’s cap-and-trade program started Jan. 1, 2017
  • The program’s costs are included in the Delivery rates on your natural gas bill
  • Learn more about cap and trade and estimate its impact on your bill at uniongas.com/capandtrade