July 2018 Energylink

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Union Gas has an online directory of local service providers experienced with our energy-efficiency programs and incentive offers.

How can a service provider help you?

  • Find out how high efficiency heating, water heating and ventilation equipment can benefit your business.
  • Get specific costs and payback information for purchasing and installing high efficiency equipment.
  • Learn about Union Gas energy efficiency incentives available for your business.
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Visit our Service Provider Directory to find a local service provider.

During the summer months your business may be thinking about construction, fencing, driveway, parking lot and yard maintenance projects.

Digging could damage the network of gas pipes, telephone lines, hydro or cable lines and water pipes. It’s against the law to dig without having natural gas lines located, so remember to call or click before you dig.

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Contact Ontario One Call or 1-800-400-2255 and you’ll be provided with a timely locate of underground utility lines.

Service is free and available 24/7.

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Visit our Safety page for more information and our video on safe digging practices.