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Find everything you need to know about saving money and energy with Union Gas incentive programs on our redesigned website. Go to our Save Money & Energy section and discover a wide range of programs for space heating, water heating, food service and custom engineering projects.

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  • Information about energy-efficient equipment and cash incentives
  • Eligible businesses and equipment
  • How to qualify for incentives
  • Ways to connect with a Union Gas account manager for expert advice
  • How to find service providers in your area with experience with our programs

Visit our Save Money & Energy section to find out more about how Union Gas is working to provide you with smart business solutions.

About Cap and Trade
  • The Ontario government's cap-and-trade program began Jan. 1, 2017
  • The program's costs are included in the Delivery charge on your natural gas bill
  • Estimate the cost of cap and trade on your bill with our calculator
  • Visit our Cap and Trade section to learn more about cap and trade its impact on your bill

A reminder about gas meter safety

Illustration of a gas meter

It's important to remember that your outdoor natural gas meter and indoor gas equipment, including exhaust vents, be kept clear of storage boxes, tools and vegetation. This ensures that equipment functions safely and efficiently, and allows easy access for accurate meter readings or emergency repairs. Your heating contractor needs to be able to get at your furnace, water heater and thermostat when service is required. And your meter reader needs access all year round for accurate billing.

Here are a few points worth remembering:

Access = Accuracy

If your meter is blocked and we can't get a proper reading, you'll be billed for an estimated amount rather than for the natural gas you actually used.

Don't cut off help

Be sure structures and vehicles don't cut off access to your meter, preventing us from getting to it quickly in an emergency.

Don't lean on me

It's not safe to hang, prop or set tools or other items on your natural gas meter or piping, or to let plants or shrubs grow over it.

Let us know

If you expect a problem ensuring safe access for a period of time, please contact our Customer Contact Centre or calling 1-888-774-3111 toll free.

You can visit our Safety section any time, for more information or to watch a short video about gas meter safety.