January 2019 Energylink

A group of coworkers sitting at a desk in an office.A group of coworkers sitting at a desk in an office.

Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Distribution have been leaders in delivering exceptional energy value for consumers through an unrelenting focus on safety, operational efficiency and reliability of service. Combining and leveraging our strengths is an opportunity to do what’s best for customers, and to position the combined company for future growth and success.

Our new legal name will be Enbridge Gas Inc. but it remains business as usual. You can count on the same great level of safe and reliable service we’ve always provided and there will be no immediate change to your existing services. We are committed to keeping our customers informed of any changes.

As one, we are strongly positioned to continue to deliver what’s important to our 3.5 million customers—the safe and reliable delivery of the affordable energy they use every day.

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A woman standing in a small, locally owned business.

Union Gas offers cash incentives on a variety of high-efficiency equipment for space and water heating.

Incentives can benefit your business in a number of ways:

  • Decrease upfront costs of high-efficiency equipment.
  • Reduce energy use year after year.
  • Improve payback on your investment.
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    Visit our Save Money & Energy page to find our 2019 incentives and a directory of service providers who can help with purchase and installation.