January 2018 Energylink

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Looking to make upgrades in 2018? Choose energy-efficient equipment and take advantage of Union Gas incentives. You’ll increase your company’s return on investment and save by reducing your energy use for years to come.

Visit uniongas.com/savemoneyandenergy to get started:

  • Incentives available for space heating, water heating and foodservice equipment.
  • Get information on energy-saving technologies.
  • Learn more about how to qualify or equipment eligible for cash incentives.

To that end we have a comprehensive list of service providers who have experience with our energy saving programs and can help you connect with the expertise your business needs.

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See the 2018 offers at

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Before using motorized drain cleaning or high-pressure water jetting equipment, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 for a free sewer safety inspection to ensure you don’t have a cross bore.

Sewer safety calls are high priorities

  • To fix the issue fast, a representative will quickly complete a free sewer safety inspection.
  • If a cross bore is found, the sewer line will also be fixed at no cost to you.

What is a "cross bore"?

It’s an underground natural gas pipe intersecting sewer or septic pipe. These can be dangerous as the equipment used to unclog a blockage can cut a natural gas pipe, causing a gas leak.