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Connecting With Our Customers
August 2019

Go online to see how you can save money

Visit our Save Money and Energy page to find energy saving programs that can help your business save money now and in the future.

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    Find cash incentives on a variety of high-efficiency equipment to reduce the upfront cost and lower energy use—saving you money year after year.

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    Search our Service Provider Directory for local professionals experienced with incentive programs who can help you get started.

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Visit our Save Money & Energy page to find energy efficiency programs and incentives for your business.

Have your natural gas pipelines located before you dig

During the warm weather, your business may undertake projects that require digging, like construction, fencing, driveway and parking lot and/or landscaping. Ensure you or your contractors contact Ontario One Call at least five business days before the start of your project to have utility lines on your property located and marked.

Privately owned lines on your property, such as a line from your building to a shed or garage, will not be identified in these locates. If you suspect these lines may be on your property, consult the Yellow Pages online for “underground utilities locating services” to find a local service provider. Fees will apply.

It’s against the law to dig without having utility lines located. Digging could damage natural gas pipes, telephone lines, hydro lines, cable TV lines or water pipes which may be located near the surface of your property. Damaging any of these can create a dangerous situation.

Contact Ontario One Call before you dig

You can contact Ontario One Call any time, day or night. The service is free. Professionals will locate the public utility lines on your property in a timely manner, so you can complete your project safely.

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Visit our Call Before You Dig page for more information and a video on safe digging practices.

Payment names are changing

  • Paying at the bank or online, now use Enbridge Gas Inc. (Union Gas).
  • Make cheques payable to
    Enbridge Gas Inc.
  • No changes are needed for Automatic Payment Plan. You will see Enbridge Gas Inc. on your bank statements.

Visit our Payments page to learn more.