May 2013 Issue

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Summer Space Heating Projects

Picture of man relaxing in officeYes you heard us right! No heat, no problem in the summer. Take time to install with little to no impact on your occupants or customers. Upgrading space heating equipment in the summer makes sense:

  • Air Curtains - Save energy even when the doors are open. A controlled stream of air that separates the indoor and outdoor environment. Reducing heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.
    - Union Gas Incentive - Up to $1,500 per unit
  • Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators - A fresh approach to reducing costs. Improve indoor air quality while recovering the most energy possible from outgoing air
    - Union Gas Incentive - Up to $1,500 per unit

Apply Now! Fast, Easy and Online

Applying for a Union Gas incentive is easy with our online application form. Go to Apply Now under "Save Money & Energy". All you need is a copy of your installation invoice and in five easy steps complete your application.

Receive an additional $200 per unit when you apply within one week of installing eligible space heating equipment.

Green Energy Act Regulation 397/11

Regulation 397/ 11, Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans, requires public agencies like municipalities, universities, colleges and hospitals to report and post energy use beginning July 1, 2013. The energy use consumption data will be utilized to develop and post a five year energy conservation plan by July 1, 2014.

Union Gas is pleased to partner with our customers to meet their requirements for Regulation 397/11.

  • Consumption, energy usage data for Dec. 2010 to present
  • Energy saving programs designed to reduce natural gas usage and provide an incentive
  • Over 10 years of experience in energy conservation programs
  • Dedicated, one on one account management resources available to work with you as you develop your energy plan

For those customers impacted by Regulation 397/11 email Union Gas today at

Profit from our expertise.

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