May 2012 Issue

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Better Incentives, Easy Process, Bigger Profit

New Incentives / Bigger Profit LogoUnion Gas has increased energy saving incentives for our business customers.

The new 2012 incentives include:

  • Condensing Boilers – up to $4,500 per unit
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators – up to $1,500 per unit
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators – up to $700 per unit
  • Infrared Heaters – $300 per unit
  • Engineering Projects – $0.10 per annual m³ saved up to a maximum of $40,000

Learn more about these incentives.

$200 Early Bird Bonus

The first 500 energy saving incentive applications for a Condensing Boiler, Energy Recovery Ventilator, Heat Recovery Ventilator or Ozone Laundry installed in 2012 will receive a $200 bonus.

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